Advanced Tactical Simulator

A strategy game where the player takes command of a special unit aimed at ending insurgent activities in a given scenario.


Project Description

What did I do:

Worked as lead to develop projects within my team of Unity Developers, as well as coordinate information and material with Reload team.

Lead my team of Unity Developers to create and test high level Demo.

Createded 3D virtual environments with 3D Studio Max and 3D Models Assest using Unity3D to produce the game scenarios.

Managed art and technical development.

Consistently met high standards pertaining to work quality, timeliness and contributing creative ideas to game development.

This project was one of the winner of an invitation to incentive the gaming industry in Brazil.

Collaborated with Reload Game Studio team to create, using Unity 3D, a Demo game called Advanced Tactical Simulator.


Freelancer (Project Coordinator / 3D Modeler)